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  • Retraining of employees of large companies on a basis of creation of knowledge management systems in corporate universities

Retraining of employees of large companies on a basis of creation of knowledge management systems in corporate universities

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 12 (no. 2.2),
p. 257-263

This article discusses the key tasks of employees retraining in companies which are caused by the increasing uncertainty of the external environment. Under these conditions adaptive parameters of organization to occurring changes become really important. It leads to the rejection of vertical expert specialization and transition to horizontal competencies on the basis of which employees will be able to make management decisions, applying the knowledge and skills from different fields of activity. The solution of this problem is possible through the implementation of knowledge management system within the framework of corporate universities. Corporate business education solves a number of key problems related to improving of the competence of specialists and managers in companies, as well as increases the speed of life cycle of knowledge. Expansion of personnel competencies, new knowledge and digital technology will develop anti-crisis development strategies providing the competitiveness of large companies and small rapidly developing firms.

Keywords: employees’ retraining; adaptability; horizontal competences; corporate university; strategy; new knowledge

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