The functional use of fuel and energy resources in the Russian economy

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 12 (no. 2.2),
p. 89-94

Article is devoted to research of structure of the used fuel and energy resources in the Russian economy on finite consuming. The special analysis is carried out on dynamics of change of energy capacity of an internal bulk product. Comparison of energy capacity of gross domestic product of Russia to similar indexes on economies of other countries of the world is realized. It is shown that the domestic economy is one of the most power-intensive economies of the world now. The provision on need of concentration of efforts on support of basic increase of energy efficiency of national economy is respectively reasoned. It is revealed that process of consuming of fuel and energy resources underwent serious structural changes. So, on separate sectors of economy the significant increase or abbreviation of different consuming of fuel and energy resources that was followed also by change of a share of specific sectors in the total volume of consuming of fuel and energy resources was watched.

Keywords: industry; fuel and energy resources; final consumption; gross internal product

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