Energy intensity and energy efficiency of Russian industry

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 12 (no. 2.2),
p. 107-113

In article it is shown that in modern conditions the factor of increase of an energy efficiency of productions has become a key factor of upgrade of domestic economy in general, and the domestic industry in particular. This factor possesses the high potential of the solution of the designated task. It is, on the one hand, confirmed by considerable lagging of domestic economy on energy efficiency level as from the countries with prevalence in structure of economy of the sphere of non-material production, and from the countries in which structure of economy the sphere of production of goods prevails. On the other hand, the drawn conclusion is confirmed by high rates of decrease in power consumption of domestic economy that specifies existence of objective possibility of this scenario. It is offered to create the power engineering directed on forming of complex products on increase of an energy efficiency of specific productions and to create power service clusters.

Keywords: energy intensity; energy efficiency; gross domestic product; gross value added; energy engineering; energy clusters

Publisher: Southern Federal University
Founder: Southern Federal University
ISSN: 2073-6606