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  • Modern approaches to the formation of the innovation economy infrastructure in the North Caucasian federal district

Modern approaches to the formation of the innovation economy infrastructure in the North Caucasian federal district

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 4.2),
p. 209-214

The paper deals with the modern approaches to the formation of the innovation economy infrastructure in the North Caucasian federal district. The author states that the North Caucasian federal district is rich in natural ore and non-ore resources of construction materials, though they are used partly and not effectively. Formation and development of the cluster will promote the development of the construction and industrial complex. To develop innovative business in the North Caucasus Federal District is important to create a system of elite reproduction, having a direct relationship with the regions, members of the North Caucasus Federal District, but the free shipping clan prejudices and other factors hindering social and economic development of the district.

Keywords: The North Caucasian federal district; industrial growth; innovation infrastructure; the cluster approach; innovation business; innovation cluster; entrepreneurship; the North Caucasian innovation system; the construction and industrial complex

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