Methods and forms of penetration marketing program on a foreign market

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 4.2),
p. 45-49

Development of world trade is explained by that it brings benefit to all countries participating in it. Therefore, one of the most important questions of the theory and practice of international trade is that is cornerstone of a prize from foreign trade and, therefore, than the business directions in the foreign trade streams are defined. As the economic science and practice of managing shows, the important place is taken by implementation of effective marketing programs and the corresponding forms and methods of penetration of the enterprise on a foreign market. Developing specialization, it is possible to provide increase of productivity of available factors of production and thus to increase the total amount of national production and to raise welfare.

Keywords: marketing program; indirect export; direct export; licensing; joint enterprise; foreign investments; international exhibitions and fairs

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