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  • The grain logistics companies stock market’ investment attractiveness integral estimation: concept and tools for modeling

The grain logistics companies stock market’ investment attractiveness integral estimation: concept and tools for modeling

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 4.2),
p. 70-76

The main approaches to the economic-mathematical modeling of the grain products logistics companies’ stock market investment attractiveness are considered in the article in the context of multidimensional task of increasing the investment market situation integral estimation results’ efficiency, reliability and transparency solution. The necessity of taking into account at modeling determining investment attractiveness three-tier factors (macro-, mezo- and micro-level) system as well as the efficient markets hypothesis sufficient to describe the financial market different States in conditions of uncertainty is shown. The main directions of research in the field of behavioral finance are systematized and the investment results’ uncertainty heuristic (multicriteria) and economic-mathematical modeling main features comparative analysis is maid. The invest-ment processes in the stock market grain products logistics companies methodological modeling scheme is developed and modeling methods using algorithm is substantiated.

Keywords: grain products logistics companies; stock market; investment attractiveness; economic-mathematical modeling

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