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  • Problems of transition to the program budget: new calls of the budgetary policy of Russia

Problems of transition to the program budget: new calls of the budgetary policy of Russia

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 4.2),
p. 145-152

Development of state programs unites all instruments of achievement of the objectives of a state policy. Thus not for all realized programs target indicators are carried out and the planned results are reached, at the same time in the conditions of restriction of budgetary appropriations gets importance a problem of their efficiency. The history of introduction of program budgeting in the Russian Federation is considered. Structural units and elements of efficiency of state programs are allocated, the efficiency condition – existence of direct interrelation between actions and assessment indicators is formulated.

Keywords: program budgeting; program budget, budgetary policy; state program; efficiency of the budgetary process; elements of efficiency of state programs; indicators and indicators of an assessment of efficiency of programs

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