Political economy’s paradigms in methodology of postmodern discourse

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 4.3),
p. 89-93

Authors state doubts in need of any new paradigms of political economy for understanding of problems of a modern economic crisis, believe that the dominating liberal and monetaristic paradigm in the world of modern capitalism quite explains with the absolutization the philosophical nature of its system crisis: imbalance of real and virtual economy, up to their gap. Authors also consider that purely economic discourse of a world economic crisis is insufficient for study of strategy of development of «post-capitalist» capitalism of an era of a postmodern and globalization, offer as a theoretical basis of such strategy, along with a «normal» liberal and monetaristic paradigm, pluralism of «speculative» paradigms, but «funded» not only by market fundamentalism, but also by the social-cultured «metaparadigm» proving in the spirit of a postmodern the modern relationship between paradigms of the economic theory and their application in political economy

Keywords: political economy; economic; crisis; capitalism; postmodernism; paradigm

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