Mechanisms to increase the region’s investment attractiveness

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 4.3),
p. 226-230

Attraction of direct foreign investments (DFI) in the Russian economy is characterized by high rates of dynamics, increase in their volumes and positive changes of their specific structure. At the same, the role of the countries which aren't traditional exporters of the capital for Russia increases. Besides, considerable share of direct foreign investments is connected with the capitals earlier taken out from our country. A number of structural reforms and the transformations to improve the investment climate of the state are realized. But at the same time, there are obstacles traditional for the Russian economy for attraction of PPI: corruption, absence of accurately established requirements and restrictions, need of the introduction in the informal relations with regional and local authorities. Existing techniques of the analysis and assessment of investment attractiveness of regions are based on creation of a rating (mark estimates), or on the analysis of dynamics of absolute measures. In our opinion, such approach needs to be supplemented with the statistical analysis of structure of investment appeal and elements making it (generalizing indicators of structure, the structural and dynamic analysis, the analysis of structural distinctions, etc.). Thus within studying of territorial distinctions it is important to allocate the main centers of polarization in research of each element of investment appeal of the region (investment potential and risk).

Keywords: direct foreign investments; investment climate; investment attractiveness of the region

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ISSN: 2073-6606