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  • Motivation and incentives, as an objective form of realization of human interests

Motivation and incentives, as an objective form of realization of human interests

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 4.3),
p. 43-46

Incentive and motivation in the labor behavior is not always consistent among themselves, introducing the two systems of exposure of an employee. Passing through the mind and consciousness of people, incentives are converted them and become motivated behavior and motivation is the process of revitalization of the motives for using various incentives to encourage the employee to certain actions. Incentives are largely associated with the use of the organization's profits and the possibility of its presence in the system of motivation and stimulation of labour as an incentive, the growth of wage levels and social incentives, etc. Development of labour relations involves the use of more complex motivations of labour, the essence of which consists in the influence of incentives on the whole spectrum of interests of the employee, the main personal interest which is to receive the income from work in order to satisfy their own interests.

Keywords: labor motivation and incentives; effectiveness of motivation; the social needs of the employee; the employment results; the productivity of labor

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