Models of income redistribution in the context of social justice

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 4.3),
p. 59-64

Providing cost-effectively meet the needs of citizens for public goods is one of the main functions of the state. Optimization of the structure of public goods, resource support their production and distribution of the burden of funding is a difficult task. However, it lends itself to objective and exhaustive definition in economics. At the same time the demands of citizens to the state generally directed to the use of his powers, not only to organize collective action to create public goods. The State has also equitable distribution and redistribution of income. Category justice is more psychological in nature, not economic. However, quite a number of economists have devoted their research works in this category and considered it in the context of improving the welfare of society (so-called «wel-fare economics»).

Keywords: justice; distribution; redistribution; state social policy

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