Semantic nature of the «industrial policy» category

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 3.2),
p. 28-30

Modern integration processes transform the Russian economy. In these conditions there are actual functions of public administration regarding formation of effective industrial policy for country safety. As the perspective direction of permission of the specified problem harmonization of the state industrial policy acts. For justification of importance of the aforesaid we will note that now there are no the standard methodical approaches opening the content of this category in aspect of safe functioning of an industrial complex, and it isn't always possible to apply the best foreign practices in the Russian conditions. Taking into account this conclusion, it is expedient to carry out the analysis and to add existing treatments, and also to improve the methodical device of the concepts «industrial policy». For research of structure and properties of economic categories, such as industrial policy, it is necessary to consider its evolutionary development in the transformational processes caused by the market environment.

Keywords: industry; industrial policy; management; purposes

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