Features of the content and structure «innovation» category

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 3.2),
p. 36-39

Features of research of the contents and properties of economic categories, such as innovations, assume consideration of their evolutionary development under the influence of processes of market transformation. In foreign economic literature this term is understood as transformation of potential scientific and technical progress in real, being embodied in new products and technologies. Taking into ac-count the above, for studying of theoretical essence of innovations it is necessary to carry out the analysis of the basic definitions characterizing modern idea of innovations, including features of their structuring. The last means distribution to concrete groups on offered signs. Creation of the scheme of structuring innovations begins with definition of classification signs which represent distinctive property of this group of innovations, their essential feature. Structuring innovations can be carried out according to various schemes. In modern economic literature the most various approaches to this process, and also to allocation of its criteria are presented.

Keywords: innovation; structuring; category; semantic essence

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