Modern trends in the functioning of industrial enterprises in the region

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 3.2),
p. 126-129

Processes of economic transformations cause need of improvement of the mechanism of management of the enterprises of the industrial sphere, demanding theoretical justification and deep scientific judgment. As one of the perspective directions in this part development and deployment of modern control systems as technologies of achievement of a sustainable development of the managing subject acts. For ensuring effective activity of the modern enterprise great value have: control of processes of formation, monitoring and realization of operational and strategic objectives in the conditions of the unstable market environment; coordination of endogenous and exogenous factors of functioning; permission of interfunctional contradictions during the developing and implementation of rational administrative decisions, their conceptual justification, infrastructure and technological maintenance. This conclusion locates logic of management of a sustainable development, especially in the conditions of unstable environment, characteristic for the real stage of development of the Russian economy and its regional component.

Keywords: analysis; industry; enterprise; management; region

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