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  • Estimation of medical services quality based on the analysis of the patient’s expectations

Estimation of medical services quality based on the analysis of the patient’s expectations

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 1.2),
p. 108-112

The author of article considers a problem of an assessment of quality of rendering medical service. Two components in an assessment of quality of service are thus allocated: objective and subjective. The objective component can be estimated by means of quantitative indices. It is more difficult to estimate a subjective component as it is based on expectations of the client. In article the special attention is paid to a subjective component. As a method of an assessment it is offered to use questioning of patients of clinics therefore their expectations will be compared with real service. During research attempt to reveal the main criteria of an assessment of quality of paid medical service will be made.

Keywords: medical service; quality; client; process of rendering service; criteria of quality

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