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  • Institutional environment of the internet communications with in frame e-government us the basic institutions information economy

Institutional environment of the internet communications with in frame e-government us the basic institutions information economy

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 1.2),
p. 14-17

Transformation of national economic system, development of businesses and markets are followed by the growing demand of adequate, high-quality, operative and reliable information that requires a huge informatization of whole economy and its different levels, especially the regional one. When information is considered as a main element, economical potential of the regional system, estimation of scale and levels of informatization gains a huge importance. The goal of informatization on the regional level is to provide a necessary level of society awareness that is determined by completeness, accuracy and timeliness of infor-mation which every agent needs. This can be achieved by creation of informational infrastructure which is an essential element for the effective functioning of modern economical systems.

Keywords: society informatization; regional informatization; institution-alization of the electronic government; minimization of expenses

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