The financial and economic aspect of the development of regional agriculture

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 1.2),
p. 79-84

Ensuring financial and economic stability of agricultural producers is one of the purposes of modern economic policy of Russia. Activity of the agricultural organizations is accompanied by high risks which influence formation of finance and objectively cause active participation of the state in regulation of activity of data of the organizations. The state support creates favorable tendencies in formation of investment opportunities in agrarian and industrial complex and improvement of a price environment on separate segments of the agro food market. However the financial condition of agricultural branch has serious deficiency of own means. Besides, the current state of agricultural producers becomes complicated some conditions in connection with joining of Russia to the WTO.

Keywords: agro-industrial complex; state support; indicators of development of agriculture; efficiency of the budgetary expenses on support of agrarian and industrial complex; program of development of agriculture

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