Innovations of education as a prerequisite for innovation development in Russia

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 2.3),
p. 115-119

The objective need for innovative development requires a new concept of training. Now days Russia education system passes a transitional stage from traditional education to innovative one. The policy documents set out the basic directions of the country's educational structural modernization. The author considers the directions of innovations being as important as researched educational activities, besides modern Russian higher education system is described. The author analyzes the prevailing practice in the global educational models, including the Russian educational system and marks a certain negative tendencies in it. The paper identifies key principles for the preparation of innovation-oriented staff , gives the existing tools for assessing innovation activities of universities. Also addresses the situation of Russian educational institutions in the world rankings.

Keywords: innovative education; innovation personality; innovative development; innovation activity; the flagship universities; global education rankings

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