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  • Mechanisms of the reproduction of individual and public capital under the conditions institutional change

Mechanisms of the reproduction of individual and public capital under the conditions institutional change

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 2.3),
p. 21-26

The reproduction of individual and public capital comes out as the imperative of passage to the trajectory of the steady development of Russian economy, since it ensures the realization of the possibilities, determined by its resource potential, genotype, which evolves under the conditions institutional change ( in other conditions being equal). The mechanisms of the reproduction of capital, built in the architecture of the innovation economy, in majority their, realize on a narrowed scale, they are modified and they «mutate” especially under the conditions of the instability of economic development, crisis phenomena, which causes appearance and circulation of the non-ergodic forms of their existence.

Keywords: mechanism; reproduction; individual capital; public capital; institutional change

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