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  • Funding mechanism for projects of development of the social sphere of peripheral territories of the south of Russia

Funding mechanism for projects of development of the social sphere of peripheral territories of the south of Russia

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 2.3),
p. 81-86

With high level of differentiation of regions existence of contradictions between needs for financial resources for modernization and real opportunities of local budgets for participation in such projects, including in the social sphere is peculiar to modern economy of Russia. Especially sharply the matter costs for the peripheral territories, differing low demand of the population for services of the business offering alternative options of satisfaction of social requirements. It causes expediency of use of mechanisms of state-private partnership when financing projects of development of the social sphere.

Keywords: differentiation of regions; financing of the social sphere; municipal loan; peripheral territories; mechanisms of state-private partnership

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