Implementation problems of the controlling system at the industrial enterprise

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 2.3),
p. 53-56

The position according to which in the conditions of an economic crisis and high mobility of factors of environment adoption of administrative decisions becomes more difficult and laborintensive process locates in article. In this regard the management of the enterprises has an objective need for adequate and timely information on current state and about activity prospects, there is a need of formation of new approaches to management. At their introduction development and use of such mechanisms which will allow to solve becoming complicated economic problems of functioning by means of the developed system of information support of management of business processes on the established strategic and operational objectives are required. Taking into account noted above controlling in system of management of the industrial enterprise represents set of instruments of support of intra firm management and decision-making by means of purposeful formation and processing of the array of information on a condition of the endogenous and exogenous environment of the organization, and also the subsequent implementation of planning and regulation of parameters of reproduction process on a modern technological basis.

Keywords: management; controlling; problems of a production activity; industry

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