Features of marketing in higher education

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 3.3),
p. 165-167

Contemporary problems of rationalization of the system of interaction between educational service consumers and institutions providing the educational service are reflected in the article. Such interaction must be based upon the system of marketing and its technologies. The investigation of educational service consumers, certain competitive market conditions, qualitative level of internal environment at an institute of higher education, the analysis of the problems of creation of the effective marketing communication system allow to rationalize the management of the educational process, to strengthen the image and competitive positions of an institute of higher education on the market of the educational services. Conducting the research of the external environment of a higher educational establishment it is important to know the awareness of the graduates of the possibilities of getting education at a certain institution. Our research allowed to bring out and rank the sources of information of the graduates of the local schools, determine the need of extra information and the type of receiving the information and thus will improve the efficiency of the marketing communication system of an institute of higher education.

Keywords: marketing; competition; higher education; communications; specialization analyses; strategy; marketing program; educational services

  • Shevchenko D.A. (2003). Marketing research of educational services in Russia. Marketing in Russia and abroad. № 4. (In Russian.)
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