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  • The principles of management and planning of socio-ecological-economic macro region system

The principles of management and planning of socio-ecological-economic macro region system

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 1.3),
p. 140-144

In article the assessment of modern economic and social situation in the country which is characterized by existence of a number of negative tendencies and the crisis phenomena constraining dynamic development and modernization is given. Regional differentiation and polarization, low rates of economic growth and the population income, insufficient level of development of market and social infrastructure, low innovative and investment activity of the business subjects, worsening quality of life of the population and ecological situation belong to their number. Methods of control over socio-ecological-economic systems on a macroregion loss are defined, development factors are revealed, need of broad application of methods of indicative planning is proved, the principles of planning in a control system of the macroregion are systematized.

Keywords: socio-ecological-economic system; management of systems; factors of a sustainable development; indicative planning; principles of planning

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