Conceptual substantiation of chemical enterprises development in the region

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 1.3),
p. 114-116

In article need of creation of the concept of development of the enterprises of a regional chemical complex is proved, the purposes, tasks and mechanisms of its stage-by-stage realization which consecutive implementation will allow to increase competitiveness of the industry of the territory are developed. Inevitable globaliza-tion of the markets, and also prospects of further liberalization of territorial seg-ments after the entry of the country into the WTO open to the manufacturing enter-prises of chemical production of possibility of a wide choice in acquisition of the modern equipment for development and modernization of own production. In this regard the new policy on support of processing branches which will be is necessary is carried out in the conditions of rigid restrictions of financial opportunities. In of-fered «Concepts of development of the enterprises of a chemical complex of the Stavropol region for 2012-2020», developed with use of instruments of modeling of the economic relations in the sphere of managing subjects of the branch, existing concepts and federal target programs, strategy of regional development of the in-dustry the complex of the actions directed on increase of efficiency of functioning of the enterprises of chemical production is offered.

Keywords: concept; chemical complex; modernization; industry

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