Weimar awaiting «Brumaire»

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 13 (no. 2),
p. 6-14

History is an amazing process: like a magic волшебному kaleidoscope, it contrives to construct unique social situations using the same elements, and only humanitarians can reveal their common features. In reality it is not always easy to see «standardized» problems accompanied by the set of «standard solutions» behind different garments of technologies and ideologies of different centuries. Meanwhile, this is the primary goal of social research. Treating the «Weimar economy» as synonymous with the period of nonstabe political and economic equilibrium, the author concludes that usually destruction of this equilibrium implies violation (the coup d’état) – which, while creating an illusion of political stabilization, actually causes the stalemate. The main points of the article – historical antecedents of «Weimar»; Directory – «Weimar» of XVIII century; an economic portrait of the «Weimar Republic»; the mystery of the Weimar system; a methodological key to the mystery of Weimar; social «trap» of Weimar system.

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