The «third life» of political economy, a working one…

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 13 (no. 2),
p. 143-148

On May, 13–14 2015 the Second Congress of the CIS’s and the Baltic States’ International Association for Political Economy was held in Moscow, with its focus on the key issues on a renaissance of the political economy. The article below, by a Coordinator of the Association Prof. Oktaj Mamedov, illustrates sophisticated processes related to political situations in modern Russia. Today’s Russia, as it was in the pre-Revolutionary period of a century ago, is, according to a figure of speech used by the classics of Marxism-Leninism, «a collection of contradictions», presented by conflicting trends in terms of politics and economics, opposing ideologies of all shades, interregional rivalry, as well as the painful choice between the resuscitating «imperial ambitions» and constraints on the production «ammunition». In this struggle, a numerous group of political economist has adopted a notorious position – namely, one of the chief social science which has already lost its status of the basic element of ideocratic Soviet society, but it has not yet acquired a function of a recognized form of scientific economic knowledge. The Congress highlighted the importance of the fact that education in the postSoviet period had rightly turned away from the dogmatically distorted «quasi political economy», but in terms of a real political economy, such denials have resulted in systemic “epistemological costs” for all social sciences in Russia.

Keywords: contemporary political economy; discrimination of political economy and its consequences; implementation of political economy revival programme

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