Colonial empire: the history and modernity. Problems of definitions

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 9 (no. 1.2),
p. 160-165

Colonialism is one of the central themes of historical discourse, describing the global political stratification in the previous five centuries, and at the same time, unprecedented in modern times. The modern world, formally parted from the colonial form of organization of political space, preserves the colonial relationship in the organization of world economy. The problem of studying colonial relationship remain relevant while the structure of «centerperiphery» will be preserved, that is, more or less advanced civilization. The phenomenon of colonial rule has served as material for extensive research; in this article this phenomenon will be discussed through the prism of imperial organization- its social and political structure.

Keywords: colonialism; colonial empire; «center-periphery»; The Great Migration of Western peoples; colonial consciousness; satellite state

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