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  • The impact model of the production capacities structure of the energy system and the regional energy security


TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 17 (no. 2),

As recent research literature suggests, the existing production structure of the territorial energy systems has a significant impact on the regional energy security. Energy security of the region constitutes an important issue that is key to the development of national economies. At the same time, its key characteristic is represented by the production and technological efficiency. With regard to the above, the increase of the production and technological efficiency contributes to the growth of the level of energy security of a territorial entity. Market conditions that are necessary for the smooth and reliable operation of the energy sector require ensuring the efficiency of operation of the production capacity of the energy system in accordance with the established rules for their operation in the energy product markets. In order to do this, it is necessary to carry out its structural optimization, including the one that includes the introduction of new production technologies. This paper proposes a model for assessing the impact on energy security of the structure of energy production that, in its turn, allows to form the effective production and technological solutions for the modernization of the production capacity of the territorial energy system from the standpoint of ensuring the energy security of the region in market conditions.
Citation: Lisin, E., Rogalev, N., and Okley, P. (2019). The impact model of the production capacities structure of the energy system and the regional energy security. Terra Economicus, 17(2), 96–111. DOI: 10.23683/2073-6606-2019-17-2-96-111

Keywords: energy system; production capacity structure; energy products markets; territorial energy security; management efficiency model

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