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  • The methodological diamond paving (a change to get in touch with the genius – 150 years!)

The methodological diamond paving (a change to get in touch with the genius – 150 years!)

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 15 (no. 1),

A century and a half had passed since the first edition of the first volume of «Capital» by Karl Marx published. Significant events had taken place, including the entry into life of new generations of economists. Every year, many intellectual battles occur, in which the defenders and opponents debate and argue on the Marxian methodology of social analysis. The victory tends to go to the one side or to the other. A strange paradox is that the fighters equally make Marx suffer: the defenders – by their poor defense, the opponents – by their miserable attacks. Meanwhile, Marx is still the great, and therefore – incomprehensible; ingenious, and therefore – mysterious; unread, and therefore – lonely. This article is a tribute to the genius, who actually had created modern scientific social science. The author deals with the epistemological principles which introduce readers into the original author’s methodology, including: the art of stating the problem; simplicity and complexity of the finished form of the product; abstraction which exceeds the specifics of the experiment; the natural character of the historical development

Keywords: methodology of economics; relationships between simple and complex economic forms; сущность социального движения as the natural historical process

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