Presuppositions of global geopolitical inversion

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 12 (no. 3),
p. 15-28

The author considers the possibility of changing the current global leader in the world economy – United States. We introduce the concept of geopolitical inversion, which is understood as the change of the global economic center. An overall globalization trend in the formation of the world centers of capital is revealed, the quantitative characteristics of the process are given, including the indexes of territorial and demographic dominance. The UK and USA examples are described, showing the five steps of the geopolitical inversion, with their chronology. The question of which country could become a new global leader instead of the U.S. is discussed

Keywords: globalization; geopolitical inversion; global economic center; trends

Publisher: Southern Federal University
Founder: Southern Federal University
ISSN: 2073-6606