Collective actions agencies (regarding housing self-organization model)

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 10 (no. 1.1),
p. 174-179

The housing economy in Russia is based on the assumption that common interests of apartment house residents will be successfully realized by active collective actions. However the most homeowners prefer a passive role, they are oriented to avoid of collective action participation for managing of apartment house. The theory of collective action, created by M. Olson, explains the behaviors of these actors. This theory is based on a minimalist conception of the factors that affect on collective action. We investigate the affect on collective action by such factors as the types of economic benefits and forms of ownership. The results of investigations allow to develop the theory of collective action.

Keywords: apartment house; housing and communal services; public goods; common property; collective action; «free-rider problem»; «prisoners dilemma»; self-organization

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