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  • Theory and practice of institutional modernization of economy (the example of the south of Russia)

Theory and practice of institutional modernization of economy (the example of the south of Russia)

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 11 (no. 2.2),
p. 9-14

In article on the basis of the comparative analysis of various theoretical approaches to the content characteristic of modernization of the economy that have been developed within the development theory, have been revealed the importance of institutional modernization of the economy, due to its role in the system-core structure of the mechanism of state regulation of regional development. The booked audit of institutes of the development realized in the different countries, showed that the industrial parks are the major new institute providing animated effect on development of economy of the territory. The practice of an institutionalization of this institute of development in the Rostov region has been analyzed, that allowed to draw a conclusion on possibility to establish the industrial parks in other regions of the South of Russia.

Keywords: modernization theories; institutional modernization; the industrial area; industrial park; the algorithm of a formal institutionalization; neoindustrialization

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