Searching for the «non-economic» production

TERRA ECONOMICUS, , Vol. 14 (no. 1),

An interesting topic is included in the agenda of the Second Saint-Petersburg Economic Congress (SPEC 2016, March 22) – «Foresight «Russia»: The New Production for The New Economy». Such an ambiguous wording makes it reasonable to turn to great Cuvier’s ability to reconstruct a form of extinct animal using a shinbone. Later on, a famous anthropologist Gerasimov demonstrated a talent of the «restaurateur of the history», as he was able to recreate the ancestors’ portrait using a fragment of jaw. Reincarnation of the method that had been almost forgotten is of increasing importance for the Russian social science, in particular, for economic scientific conferences, essential for a collective search for the truth, – which seems today strange and archaic genre. The author justifies the necessity for the «Cuvier method» as the methodological element of economic research, arguing that its wider implications can provide efficiency of a preliminary scientific assessment, in particular, for the research grants, that are the institutional form for team research. However, its use today is bounded by the methodological culture of practicing economists, in particular, due to their low competence in political economy. The author pays special attention to the interdisciplinary character of the «Cuvier method», since its implementation depends on complex approach: analysis of context, historical and subject limitations, conceptual fruitfulness, latent comparative analysis, as well as the assessment of the possibility of an econometric approach. Actually, this refers to projections of the results of a proposed research project (including its specific forms – congress, conference, webinar) according to its key words («hashtags»), which serve as the “Cuvier’s shinbone”. The article aims to popularize the method among the professional community of economists.

Keywords: economic methodology; relationship between the economy and production; «Cuvier method»

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