Volchik V.V., Maskayev A.I. Impact of technologies and economic development in the context of tacit knowledge and institutions

Andreeva O.V., Shevchik E.V., Selivanova A.G. The institutionalization of a new model of financial behavior of industrial companies as a mechanism for ensuring Russia’s economic sovereignty

Kot V.V., Burmistrova M.E. Institutional structure and determinants of the health capital

Zhigalo E.A. Comparative analysis of theoretical approaches to the role of government in the economy

Tumanyan Y.R. Social production: approaches to its structuring

Stenkina E.N. Russian industry: need of modernization and new stage of development

Stefanchuk E.N. The development of Russian industry and the growing problem of employment

Kuizheva S.K. About mathematical tools of research socio-economic systems


Voronin A.N., Timofeeva M.S. High speed surface transport as a resource multiplier of shareholders’ value growth of OJSC “Russian Railways”

Kulish N.V. Development of the account of biological assets in Russia on the basis of international experience

Medovy V.V. Optimization of state regulation of business activity in the market of real estate in the conditions of unstable environment

Aksyonov V.V., Sychev R.A. Financial instruments of providing industrial policy of big companies of the defense-industrial sector in the conditions of resource scarcity

Rozhkov V.A. The model of co-regulation as an instrument coordinating the interests in electric power industry

Aleksandrovskaya L.A., Cheshev A.S. Influence of ecological and reclamation factors on the environment in the agromeliorative systems

Kertbiev Z.M. The functional use of fuel and energy resources in the Russian economy

Sheveleva A.V. Best available technologies as an instrument of reducing the negative impact of oil and gas complex on the environment

Dzhemaev O.T. Tasks of the personnel education according to changes of transport companies’ financing model in terms of geopolitical risks (for example, JSC «Russian Railways»)

Gukasova N.R. Energy intensity and energy efficiency of Russian industry

Bakhteev A.V. Methodological aspects of the study risk estimate process in the context of risk-based audit

Andreeva L.Yu., Andreeva A.V, Timofeeva M.S. Marketing management of development of financial innovation in banking sector: competency-based approach

Andreeva A.V. New technologies of crediting of innovation-oriented companies: peculiarities of application of public-private partnership mechanism

Medovy V.V. Improvement of the state support system of subjects of business in the market of real estate

Musaev H.A. Innovative factors of development of the Russian industry

Sakharova L.A., Stenkina E.N. Competitiveness of the industry: Russian parameters

Shevchik E.V. Providing financial security of auto dealerships under current conditions

Shchipanov E.F., Uzyanov E.V. The new model of interaction between industrial enterprises and banks in the conditions of macroeconomic instability

Kuzmenko V.V., Trysyachny V.I., Grigoriadis S.P. Problems of foster innovation of industrial enterprises

Tokov R.R. Stability of Russian industry: factors and restrictions


Zhukova I.A., Lobunets V.S. The state of the coal industry of the Rostov region: problems and prospects of its development

Tyaglov S.G. The principle multilevel management of sustainable of regional economy in terms of ensuring environmental and economic imperatives

Ishchenko-Padukova O.A., Movchan I.V. The implementation of socio-economic policy in the region in terms of innovation dynamics

Kiselev R.P. The cluster mechanism of the manufacturing sector in the region

Kosolapova N.A. Mathematical tools of strategic water resources management of the region

Kushnarenko T.V. Theoretic institutional basis of non-raw material resources development of regional economies

Abbasov D.V. The basic principles and constructions the concept of sustainable development of the North Caucasus rural areas

Grigoryan S.R. Employment Service of the Rostov region: state and development prospects

Grishikyan V.V. Economic determinants and priorities of formation the «Big Rostov»


Andreeva O.V., Giljano A.A. Current trends in world economy and Russia’s international positioning prospects

Israilova E.A. Genesis and content Russia’s economic interests in the context of globalization

Tahumova D.C. Organizational and economic aspects of increase of foreign trade activities efficiency

Rednova I.F. Russian-Turkish economic cross-border cooperation in the context of the Strategy of innovative Rostov region development

Sakharova L.A. Comparison of indicators of the Russian and world industrial development

Ragovik L.V. Information and network instruments of monitoring of financial operations as a part of foreign trade contracts of Eurasian Economic Community Customs Union


Garibova E.A. Mechanisms of public-private partnership in the system of higher education: problems and solutions

Andreeva L.Yu., Somko M.L., Dghemaev O.T. Retraining of employees of large companies on a basis of creation of knowledge management systems in corporate universities


Khomiakova A.V. The interrogation of the defendant in the procedural remedies against the charge: a reasonable compromise

Sayadova A.S. The problems of the contributory guilt of road traffic offences  

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