Galazova S.S. Spatial aspect of modern economic theory

Kuzmenko V.V., Trysyachny V.I., Rudenko V.V. Development of industrial policy in the system of economic security

Bulgakov S.I. Conception of economy modernization: typology and preconditions

Volkov Y.Y. Social stratification of Russian society: the influence on the formation of financial capital


Matveeva L.G., Stefankov I.O. Strategic approach to development of the industrial enterprises in the conditions of economic sanctions

Butova S.V., Butov F.S. Institutional environment of the market of the government and municipal procurements within contract system

Polyakov P.V., Tikhonova K.V., Cheshev A.S. Features of ecological and meliorative activities on agromeliorative landscapes in contemporary conditions

Barsukova A.V. The nature and basic characteristics of dynamically developing business

Frolova I.V., Skrynnikova A.A. Peculiarities of maintenance of accounting and tax records of innovation for internal business requirements

Tsokov Z.V. Institutional support project financing

Chalova A.A. The need to improve marketing communication tools to improve the effectiveness of organizations consumer cooperation

Andreeva O.V. Factors of implementation of business strategy in the major corporations in disturbed environment

Taranenko O.N. Financial schemes of realization of PPP infrastructure projects

Polyakov P.V. Improve methods of estimation of the nature economic activities using the optimization model environmental management

Sozanov V.V. Institute of mediation in the relations insolvency (bankruptcy) of the Russian Federation

Kaplina А.V. Strategic diagnostics of regional system of financing of cluster initiatives

Sarantsev V.N. The modern model of the organization of the Treasury system of Budget execution in the Russian Federation

Kazakova I. N., Mirgorodskaya O. A. Economic features of the innovation process and its development priorities in agribusiness

Kuzminov A.N., Korostieva N.G. Examples of improving the accounting system of credit risk for businesses

Mirgorodskaya O.A., Savelyeva E.A. Effective management as a factor of sustainable economic development


Kushnarenko T.V. The regional mechanism of preservation of steady growth in the conditions of global problems and calls

Rodionova N. D. Development of an indicator system to measure the quality of economic space in the region

Travnev L.N. Problems increase investment status of conurbations

Sergienko V.Yu. Improvement of the region as a factor of reflection sustainable development

Frolova I.V. System variables of modeling of sustainable development of the region

Cheshev A.S., Tikhonova K.V., Polyakov V.V. Ecological mechanism of environmental management for melioration systems

Taranenko O.N. The use of UML models in PPP projects

Starikovskiy V.S. Regional authorities and the native Electricity: the directions of the efficiency estimationи


Ishchenko-Padukova O.A., Movchan I.V. Innovative trends of national economy in the global competition

Kubkina Y.S. The main tendencies of development of electronic commerce in world economy and economy of the Russian Federation 

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