TE Vol.10 Num.1

Mamedov O.Yu. Economic «landscape» for political vernisage
Maevskiy V.I. Concerning the switching reproduction mode
Alyoshin V.A., Ovchinnikov V.N., Chelysheva E.A. Tax security ensuring system paradigm for Russia and its regions
Vishnevskiy V.P., Dementiev V.V. Theoretical foundations of industrial policy for the emergement economy
Rozmainskiy I.V. «The common theory» of J.M. Keynes: lessons 75 years later
Rozanova N.M., Chepel A.A. Modern approaches to innovative competition investigation and technological management in Russia
Didenko D.V. Transformational processes and human development: influence of socioeconomic inequalities
Efimov V.M. Scientific editor's preface to the translation of the article by Ph. Mirowski «Physics and the «marginalist revolution»
Mirowski Ph. Physics and the «marginalist revolution»
Baryshnikov M.N. Business in historical perspective: efficiency and sociocultural preferences
Tikhonova N.E. Russian modernists' human potential and modernization perspectives of Russia
Toksanbaeva M.S., Lezhneva Yu.A. Issues of labor potential maintenance of the unemployed
Avraamova E.M. Scientific potential advance in modern Russia
Mareeva S.V. Middle class' investing practices in one's own human capital
Belokrylova O.S., Ermishina A.V. Collective actions agencies (regarding housing self-organization model)
Nureev R.M. The industrial society formation and search of nations' wealth
Meinstring J. «The armored car effect»

TE Vol.10 Num.1, part 2

Martishin E.M. Evolutionary theory - the basis of the modern paradigm of "synthesis" in economics
Semin A.A. The institutionalization of social responsibility of business in Russia, based on the methodology of individualism
Kochkurova E.V. About the background of radical changes in the modern economy of Russia
Kuchieva I.H. Public-government partnership as a factor modernization civil society in Russia
Bozharenko O.Ju. State-private partnership as the driver of economic growth
Deruzhinsky G.V., Rajeckiy M.D. Theoretical and methodological aspects of the terms "service", "service", "service" as an economic category
Gozhenko K.N. The economy of knowledge as a strategic objective of modernizing the Russian economy
Lyabakh N.N., Bulgakova A.V. Production functions and their use to describe the efficiency of organization
Chuguyev A.M. Methodology for market research imperfect competition (for example, the dairy products)
Ovcharenko G.V. The evolution of practical and theoretical aspects of social innovation management
Salyev V.R. To the question of mutual connections between economic growth, institutions and policy
Prokopenko Z.V. Modernization and innovation: methodological dualism
Zotova A.I., Davidenko I.G. Comparative approach to research of households' financial behavior
Anopchenko T.Y., Muravyova N.N. Analysis of the interaction between tourism and hotel business
Balikoev A.A., Huzmiev I.K. Some of the directions of the investment policy in the electric power industry
Gashenko I.V., Klyukovich Z.A. Conditions of creating and governance of fiscal structures
Shumeyko M.V. The concept of engineering instruments accounting
Kalinichenko A.V. Tool to ensure the formation of drug costs of health and economic standards
Aluyan O.V. Substantiation of organizational - economic mechanism of regulation of foreign trade activities of the industrial enterprises
Bova Ph.S. Identification and the characteristic of sources of financing OMC and flMC in Russia
Litvinova A.V., Parfyonova M. V. The financial and economic aspects of the state innovative policy's increasing efficiency of the Volgograd region
TTumhadzhiev A.B. Problems of functioning of a regional transport infrastruc-ture in modern conditions
Komissarova M.A. A process model of coal mining enterprises strategic management
Zhankaziev A.H. The society of knowledge demands strategic integration of purposes and means
Perekrestova L.V. Disclosing of the information on innovative activity of the organization according to the international standards of the financial reporting
Mishiev E.D. Restaurant and hotel business in the system of transport complex: methodology of the establishment and management
Lazareva E.I. Environmental risk-management in the economics of innovations: ecological risks govern technologies of the Russian innovative economic development strategy
Matveeva L.G., Nikitaeva A.Y. Allocation model of resource flows in the Russia's regions industrial modernization
Volodin R.S., Anopchenko T.Y. The environmental management role in the "Strategic plan of socio-economic development the Rostov-on-Don city in 2025"
Shapkina L.N. Regional aspects of the management of food safety
Fedorchenko A.A. Significance of effective monitoring of socio-economic development of the regions of Russia
Khasueva A.Sh. The strategic priorities of sustainable development of the Chechen Republic
Khloponina E.A. Improvement of the intergovernmental relations mechanism at the regional level
Gassieva O.I. The main areas to minimize the risks in the retail electricity market in North Ossetia-Alania
Deren I.I. Sapognikov P.A. Methodological fundamentals of the regional communication strategies at the market of consumers of services and commodities of the "industry of beauty"
Tumhadzhiev A.B., Khasueva A.Sh. Development of the transport infrastructure taking into account social and economic development of the Chechen Republic
Volchik V.V., Shiryaev I.M. Economic growth and trends in the socio-economic development of Cambodia

TE Vol.10 Num.1, part 3

Gorlov S.M., Minosyants G.V. The institutional government regulation framework of business activity in Russian agriculture
Maslov A.I. The research of possibilities and scope for application of economically mathematical modeling methodology in terms of money field tensor analysis: theoretical and methodological questions of interaction between financial and real sectors of an economy
Taranukhin D.S. Reproductive structure of innovative development
Chechetkina E.N. System economic policy of the state as the factor of increase of efficiency of economy
Darbinian D. A. Innovation as a factor in the transformation of the economic system
Chuguev A.M. Methodology of research of the market of an imperfect competition (on an example of the market of dairy products)
Grigoriev S.S. Tendencies of development of interactive commodity-money relations
Shkriabina A.E. Transaction politic as instrument developed transaction sector
Russkova E. G. Change management in the system of innovative activity infrastructure
Korytsev M.A., Eursa E.V. Modernisation of the pension system in post-crisis Russia: the imperatives of transformation and options for institutional innovation
Shelepov V.G. The role of new standards of banks' reliability in provision of development of innovative-type Russian companies
Tambieva J.A., Shevlokov V.Z., Arashukov V.P. Background and development necessity of integrated production systems in agriculture
Pisanka S.A. Social potential of post-reform modernization of pension provision system
Oeinega V.N. Building an effective system of internal control of the corporation on the basis of risk-oriented approach
Nakhushev V.S., Psihomahov H.M., Bishenov A.A. Some problems and their possible solutions to improve the competitiveness of business
Shumeyko M.V. The methodology of accounting in the construction of functional
Krayushkin V.S. Competitive strategy of the bank: the content and stages of formation
Ulybina L.IC Investment potential of the insurance sector of the financial market
Andreeva L.U., Ionov N.U., Romanov S.E. Professionalization of employees and system of risk-management of operational risks in a commercial bank
Polinko A.V. Informational servicisation in a system of competitiveness provision of services companies
Smirnov E.A. Criminalization of the economy as a threat to Russia's economic security
Esina E.I. Areas to improve environmental assessment to ensure environmental safety of the Russian federation
Mischerina M.V. Methods and dominant form strategies of the financial enterprises
Bayan E.M., Shkanova A.A. Payments for environmental pollution as an economic regulatory mechanism
Guseva O.G., Didorenko A.V. Development of Russian market of financial services: instruments and techniques
Aleksandrovkaya L.A. Formation and development systems in modern conditions
Alukhanyan A.A. Peculiarities of selection of financial instruments for development of innovative companies
Roshchina L.N. Spatial features of strategically-oriented innovation programs of development of the industry
Petrov I.V. Proactive crisis management in ensuring the economic security of business entities
Andreeva L.U. Marketing instruments of implementation of a corporate identity concept
Chikatueva L.A., Totorkulov Sh.M., Misakov V.S. System analysis of forecasts of small businesses performance indicators
Petrov I.V., Ermolenko O.M. Problems and prospects of the banking sector in ensuring the economic security of Russia
Panova J.N. The organizational-economic mechanism of steady development of rural credit co-operation
Belousov A.I., Marchenko N.E. Analytical procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of resource-saving innovation
Ozdoyeva D.M., Durdyeva D.A., Zhemuhov I.R., Israilov S.H. The systems approach study of the regional economic system
Kur'yanov N.A. Development of the regional markets in the conditions of innovative growth
Ponomarenko G.N. Comparative characteristics of the regional development theories
Mintsaev M.S., Hasueva A.Sh. Environmental aspect of sustainable development in the context of socio-economic system in the region
Tokayev N.H., Lagkuti B.G. Budget self-reliance and efficiency of budget spending in the region
Karpova N.V. Bases of formation of city wildlife management in conditions of transformation of market attitudes
Dauthadzhieva M.H., Mintsaev M.S., Taymaskhanov G.S. Regional industrial clusters as key factors in depressed areas of life support
Betilgiriev M.A., Datsayev R.Sh., Idigova L.M. Diversification as a means of sustainable functioning of Chechen Republic enterprises
Gubanov A.G. Problems of regional agriculture economic development
Kosheev A.D., Alborov As.A., Semenov Z.Z. Improvement of regional agrarian and industrial complex management system
Lushnicov R.L. Problems and prospects of effective development of chemical manufacture
Petrov I.V., Ohanian T. M. Some aspects of the classification of the indicators of economic security in the region
Dzhandubaev A- Z.R., Kazancheva H.K., Mambetov M.M. The development of integrated regional production structures of agriculture
Vasilenko D.M. Institutional linkages and resource tool components of regional economic policy
Kunizheva L.H., Kaskulova D.A. Operation of information systems in regional production complexes
Kostenko E.P. Maslow's progressive management theory
Kochergina T.E. System traps of the modem world economy
Gilyano A.A. Multi-national companies on the global market and the policy of «new protectionism»
Andreeva A.V., Guseva O.G., Ragovik L.V. Peculiarities of integration of Russian banking system in global financial economy
Suleymanov V.E. Ways to improve the competitiveness of Bulgarian winemaking
Zabelina K.V. Conceptual approach to business education as a segment of educational services
Trishkina N. U. Corporate education as functional institute of education
Lazovskiy V.F., Lazovskay S.V., Nikitina I.A. Business incubation as a factor increasing quality of education
Aksyonov V.V., Andreeva L.U., Khatlamadghiyan D.G. Management of professional training and career development of specialists in the field of risk management in the conditions of overcoming the consequences of the world economic crisis

TE Vol.10 Num.2

Mamedov O.Yu. Which economic model does fit to the Russian economy?
Grebnev L.S. Political economy «according to Marx»: revival or development?
Volchik V.V. The issue of confidence and institutional modernization
Kamko E.V. Centralized management of innovation in Russia: institutional analysis
Rutherford M. Wisconsin institutionalism: John R. Commons and his students
Voeykov M.I. J.A. Kronrod and dilemmas of the Soviet political economy (To the centenary of J.A. Kronrod)
Maidachevskiy D.Ya. Historiography of economic science: moving from the pluralism of approaches toward the dominance of «mainstream»?
Naumov S.V. On the amount of losses due to uncertainty in law and obsolete excessive regulation incurred by Russian companies which are involved in foreign economic activities and the Russian society on the whole (case study: administrative practices of the Russian Federal Service of Financial and Budgetary Control)
Shmakov A.V., Petrov S.P. Identification of the optimal value of fine for the violation of antitrust law
Arkhipov A.Yu., Syomin A.A. Entrepreneurial structure activity administration in the unstable external environment
Khanin G.I., Polosova O.I., Kopylova N.V. An alternative estimation of Russian industry development in 2005-2008
Mamedov O.Yu. Street demonstrations are in the focus of science
Kravtzov N.A. On the issue of social and legal status of an art personality in the Ancient Egypt
Nureev R.M. Industrial society and its socio-economic contradictions. Labor political economy.
Meinstring J. "The monetary pole paradox"

TE Vol.10 Num.2, part 2

Belokrylova O.S., Filonenko J.V. The institutional concepts of the forming modern consumer logic
Nikitaeva A.Y. The role of innovative educational technologies in the industrial modernization of Russia
Kochkurova E.V. To the question of structural changes in the modern economy of Russia
Golovan S.I. The national economy: the ability to innovate
Kozlov A.N. Corporations in Russian economy of innovations
Zemlyanov D.A. Development of human capital to modernize the institution of social partnership between the state and business
Brizhak O.V. Owners and managers: the institutional differences and impact on the development of innovative corporations
Pobegaylov O.A. Investment in the unstable economic system
Kuyantsev I.A., Galachieva S.V., Kuyantseva I.I. The role of business in the economic and social development society
Cheshev A.S., Alecsandrovscaya L.A. The general scheme of ecology-economic regulation of nature protection activity in an agro ecosystem
Shelepov V.G. Formation of new risk-management system of credit organizations
Zdelov A.I. Basic parameters of the scope of innovative services
Kubkina Y.S. E-commerce: the role of the concept, development trends
Pletnyakov V.A. The development of modern technologies to support management decision-making in strategic innovation
Tegetaeva O.R. The role of excise taxation in regulating economic processes
Mintsaev M.S., Hasueva A.Sh. The environmental aspect of in the context sustainable development of region socio-economic system
Yurga V.A. Modeling approach at balance budget forming (economic and ecological aspects)
Nadtochiy E.V. Tax policy of the state in the sphere of interaction of subjects of the tax relations
Zueva M.M., Kuzmenko V.V. Priorities for the formation of the intellectual potential of science and technology
Aleksandrovskaya L.A. Ekologo-ekonomichesky aspects of justification of use of ground resources in system agromeliolandshaftov
Kilchukova A.L. Quality of life: structural component
Ivanov V.A. Administrative contradictions of rendering of the state services
Oganesyan L.S. Development of the project for strategic up growth of business structure
Magomadova T.L. Strategy of management by the organization on the basis of principles of ecological responsibility of business
Tsokov A.V. The integration of product development trends in Russia retailing
Sarkisyan A.K. Resaerch of the availability of the technical analysis methods on the example of historical data the MICEX index
Kostenko E.P. Features the concept of management by F. Herzberg: problem of interaction in services
Nemashkalova K.G. The development of tools of social policy on the basis of cluster approach
Kozenko Y.A. Perspective anti-crisis financing of agricultural areas
Taymaskhanov J.E., Abdulkadyrova M.A., Taymaskhanov Z.H. State regulation of ground relations in agrarian and industrial complex
Chernyshov A.S., Derain I.I. Development of the national service operator FSUE "Russian Post"
Tambiev A.H. The role of marketing areas and special economic zones in the formation of regional innovation economy
Pisareva E.V. Questions of provincial people in Russia drawing into new consumers formats in frames of modern social imperatives
Goleva Ms. G. New forms of business integration in production pattern of regional economy and regional investment policy
Pshtyka V.V. Water tourism as line of sea region's sustainable development
Kadzaeva I.T. Budget debt policy the of the region and its changes
Mintsaev M.S., Barzaeva M.A., Taymaskhanov Z.H. Analysis and evaluation of promising state of the education sector and the labor market of the Chechen Republic
Mishurova I.V. Development of small and medium business as a condition of long-term growth of regional economy
Dauthadzhieva M.H., Mintsaev M.S., Taymaskhanov G.S. Regional industrial clusters as key factors in depressed areas of life support
Novitsky A.G. Principles and approaches to enhance the effectiveness of government intervention in the municipal economy at regional level
Lyashenko D.A., Bayanduryan G.L. The analysis of innovation by the Russian oil and gas companies and their impact on the efficiency of foreign economic activity

TE Vol.10 Num.2, part 3

Lukanin Y.V. Structural aspects of the institutional competitiveness of national economy
Bakkuev E.S. Theory and practice of agro-economic growth forecast
Goleva G.A. Theoretical and methodological approaches in foreign direct investments research: abstract
Zhemuhov I.R., Gish B.A., Zikhova L.M. The essence and content of competition socio-economic systems
Tatuev A.A., Sokhrokov T.H. The state services in system of modern economy
Sokhrokov T.H. Efficiency of functioning of public authorities
Aleshin V.A., Rudaeva 0.0. Credit scoring is a tool to improve the quality of bank risk management in contemporary conditions
Kuznetsov Y.V., Kaissarova V. P. Strategic modernization of the regions and cities governance in regional Russia's system
Kolvah O.I. Tax planning for small business
Naimushin V.G. About key problems of transport machine building and preservation of transportation security of Russia
Andreeva L.U., Lushkin S.A., Savchenko S.V. Marketing of relations as a strategic basis of personnel competences development management
Kosenkova E.L. The concept and assessment tools of human resources relevance in innovative strategy of network company
Kobylatova M.F., Yanakov D.O. Improvement of indirect taxation in the context of increasing fiscal discipline
Chernyshov A.S., Derain I.I. Trends in the development of Russian market of transport and logistics services to express
Petrosyan H.H. Rationale for the model system modernization of socio-economic development of Russian regions
Bakkuev E.S. Actual problems of agro-economic growth forecast
Alecsandrovscaya L.A. Bases of economic regulation of nature protection activity on agromeliorative systems
Tarasov N.A. Principles of strategic development of regions of Russia
Andreeva A.V., Khatlamadghiyan D.G., Shelepov V.G. Management of competences of the personnel in a system of providing competitiveness of a commercial bank
Kovaleva I.N. The systems approach to sustainable development of regional economic clusters
Shelepov V.G. The conceptual model of interaction of banks and counterparties in case of non-standard events of external environment
Sapronova Y.V., Tsokov A.V. Theoretical aspects of network form of organization of trade company
Kusch E.N., Yanakov D.O. Reform of income tax to strengthen fiscal discipline
Ashhotov A.M. Social priorities of strategic development of regions
Vetchinkin A.N. Methodological bases of increase of efficiency of regional economy (on the basis of optimization of processes in electric power industry)
Tavbulatova Z.K. The economic content of the "finance in the region" concept
Kantemirova M.A. The integrated space-organized structures: a regional aspect
Bayanduryan G.L., Bagmetov V.V. The problems and contradictions of housing and construction industry resource support in Krasnodar Region
Tatuev A.A., Tarasov N.A. Need of formation of economic clusters of regional development
Volchik V.V., Oganesyan A.A. Institutional conditions for entrepreneurship in the globalization context
Panchenko A.S. The industrial sector in the priorities of social and economic policy in the region
Zuong Anh Zung Evolution of legal regulation of joint stock companies in Vietnam
Zdelov A.I. The specificity formation the market of innovative services in the context of globalization
Frolov K.N. General characteristics of the special prosecutor in the order of the judge making the decision at the conclusion of the pre-trial agreement on cooperation
Yanakov D.O. Improvement of fiscal instruments to counter tax offenses

TE Vol.10 Num.3

Mamedov O.Yu. An invasive economy (Russia: from the post-soviet economy — to the «quasi post-soviet» one?)
Rozanova N.M., Kataykova A.A. Life-cycle concept's application to the economic analysis of firm
Kurbatova M.V., Sablin K.S. Institutions of development and quasi institutions of development in Russian economy
Sukharev O.S. New institutionalism: «traps», transaction costs, «Coase theorem» and time
Hubiev K.A. Economic theory: between the past and the future
Mamedov O.Yu. «Filosofizm» against «economism»
Commons J.R. Institutional economics
Popov G.G. Everything for country's defences? On the issue of USSR' war capacity during pre-war five-year periods
Sidorina T.Yu. The «welfare state» campaign: has it decided the problems of the ideal state?
Kravtsov N.A. State regulation of the theatre and the status of the actors in Ancient Rome
Tsyganenko S.S. The issues of system and structural arrangement of the criminal procedure
Aliphanova E.N., Evlakhova Yu.S. An impact of financial competence of population on development of financial institutions and key segments of financial market
Nureev R.M. From free competition towards oligopoly
Dubyanskiy A.N. Review of the international scientific conference «Economic culture of modern capitalism»
Meinstring J. Meinstring vs. «Beer baron from Bronx»

TE Vol.10 Num.3, part 2

Volov M.A. Some approaches to the formation of science and innovation policy
Tyuhmatev V.M. Interaction of markets of intellectual resources and intellectual capital in modern economy
Batalov A.M. Methodological pluralism modernization components of the Russian economy
Yanakov D.O. Modernization of tax policy in the context of the economic agents interests harmonization
Tavbulatova Z.K. The economy of the limited natural resources as a historical form of their assignment
Kosenko I.V. Identification and typology of company market value formation factors
Kagolkin A.A. Logistics optimization of flow processes of regional power industry
Demergiba A.A. Logistics Inventory Management - a conceptual understanding and basic characteristics
Naymushin V.G. Problems of the Russian entrepreneurship transition to innovation development
Andreychenko N.V., Polyakova E.Y. Social responsibility: the role and value in loyalty formation to the company in the consumer market in the conditions of post-crisis development of the Russian economy
Tibilova A.A. Methodological approaches to the analysis and diagnosis of the financial and economic condition of agricultural enterprises
Krechetova V.B., Kiyaschenko T.A. Creation date assessment of economic performance on earnings of the Russian Federation
Sirotkina E.N. Integration program of medical services quality management system in hospitals of the Rostov region
Sharypkina E.V. Improving the mechanism of stimulating technical rearmament of industrial enterprises
Karapetyan M.G. The transformation of the logistics system transportation of finished products in accordance with the needs of consumers
Eldarkhanov E.H. Integrative management of urban public transport
Rusakova N.V. Prospects of social-investment redistribution in brunch investment formation
Bakkuev E.S. The specifics of the agro-economic development in Russia forecast scenario
Lyaluev S.Y. Logistic modeling of information and financial security in merchandising
Ozdoyev A.D. Economic status of the modern service industry
Svistunova I.G. Influence of agricultural production features in the use of human capital in agriculture
Boyko D.A. Logistic optimization of the grain market state regulation
Shevtsova Y.S. The conceptual framework for the assessment of the executive effectiveness
Glushko A.Y., Frolko D.S. The management peculiarities of the south Russia erosion land resources
Kiseleva N.N., Sulimanov A.R. Innovative development of regional agriculture by strengthening cluster relationships
Drobyshevskaya L.N., Kucheruk V.A. Evaluation of networking effectiveness companies in the region
Kushhov A.P., Zhamurzaeva D.M. Estimation of efficiency of functioning of municipal unions in system of social and economic monitoring of region
Maremkulova R.N., Bogatyryov A.Z., Aripsheva M.V. Problems and mechanisms of regional economy competitive potential development
Kantemirova M.A. Simulation model of the region economic system based on the cluster organization
Herter I.K., Misakov V.S. Characteristics and basic factors affecting the development of rural infrastructure in mountain regions of the North Caucasus
Tarasov N.A., Tatuev A.A. Regional features clustered regional reproduction
Aguzarova L.A. Monitoring conditions of reproduction of social and labor potential as a tool for modernizing the region's economy
Ashkhotov A.M., Tarasov N.A. The functional role of the regional economy in the social development
Golubev A.P. Optimization of tax revenue to the municipal budget
Yangulbaeva L.Sh. Essence and the economic maintenance of investment appeal of region
Vetrova V.D. Rating analysis of the business environment service industries at the meso-level
Butrenin A.A., Drobyshevskaya L.N. Developing effective management of the investment-construction complex in the region
Rednova I.F. Cross-border economic relations and cross-border regionalization: a global trend and Russian Case
Borovinskiy M.E. Influence of economic globalization on transnationalization of the banking sector

TE Vol.10 Num.3, part 3

Kolesnickov U.S. Regional politics of modernisation of economy of Russian Caucasus: problems and strategies
Zalyotny A.A. Person and his relevance in the Russian transformation economy the second decade of the XXI century: the imaginary and the real. Financial and banking sector
Ivanov A.N. Russian alcohol market: state and development trends
Abazova M.V., Tatueva F.B. Market economic system: the advantages and disadvantages
Tumenova S.A., Endreeva M.Kh. Factors of social and economic progress of Russia in conditions of modernization
Zenkina I.V. Methodological issues of the climate organization strategic analysis
Ter-Grigoryants A.A. Conceptual approaches to the formation of a national innovation system
Tahumova O.V. State policy as a factor in the innovation economy
Pak O.A. The system of the most informative indicators of welfare
Andreeva O.V. The role of integrated systems of management in providing innovative and investment model of development of large network corporations
Bagdasaryan L.Y. Modern principles of the economy fiscal management
Sushchenko D.I., Eliseeva T.P. The conceptual basis for the development of business activity small and medium-sized forms in the services
Korobko S.A. Control system of risks of budgetary process of the subject of the Russian Federation
Kantemirova M.A. Features on integrated spatial and organizational structure
Boyko D.A. An integrated approach to functional logistics management in the grain market
Kostyuchenko T.N., Sidorova D.V. Status and problems of investment in agriculture
Basnukaev I.S. Forms and methods of the economic mechanism of the enterprise
Aliev A.T., Titov A.V., Shirshov S.R. Modernization of the Russian Engineering: Problems and Prospects
Krivorotova N.F., Uryadova T.N. Actual problems of monetary policy in Russia
Kayvanov A.V. Regulation of the deposit insurance system with world standards
Stepushkin D.G. The new banking products and technologies as factors of competitiveness of financial market agents
Trysyachny V.I., Rudenko V.V. Contemporary problems performance management of an industrial enterprise
Kagolkin A.A. Analysis of the current status and the identification of problems of the Russian power industry from the perspective of logistics
Saleeva O.S. Substantiation of marketing approaches to small-scale business development on highly competitive the market of milk and dairy production
Maluitin A.K. Development of Ukraine in the conditions of economic instability
Tskhovrebov A.R. Effectiveness of the system of risk-management in the enterprises of the industry
Ovcharenko G.V. The evolution of the theoretical and practical aspects of social management
Kravtsova N.I. The fiscal capacity prospect of the Russian Federation regions
Tokayev N.H. Formation and self-sufficiency of the income support municipal budgets
Salzhenikin V.I., Bayramukova A.S.-Kh. The analysis of parameters of the building complex of the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia
Hazuev A.I. Theoretical aspects of investment processes in depressed areas (on the materials of the Chechen Republic)
Khatlamadghiyan D.G. Peculiarities and structure of bank personnel: forming professional skills
Kusakina O.N., Trukhachev V.V. Organizational and functional architectonic coordination mechanism of power and business structures interaction at the regional and municipal levels
Marzoev V.O. Regional capacity of the investment market and variant possible investment
Abazova F.M., Abregova M.K. Tendencies of development of the innovative potential of as the most important factor of the economic growth of the region
Sozaeva T.Hk., Eneeva M.N. Problems of the territorial organization of social and economic systems
Borovinskiy M.E. Influence of economic globalization on transnationalization of the banking sector
Somko M.L. Distance learning and development of professional competences of experts

TE Vol.10 Num.4

Mamedov O.Yu. Stable economic growth is the imperative of modern economy!
Latov Yu.V., Latova N.V. Imitating planning as the Russian national economy model (by example of Federal special-purpose program «Scientific and pedagogic personnel of innovative Russia»)
Nivorozhkina L.I., Sinyavskaya T.G. The concept of risks statistical estimation for involvement of financial institutes clients into money laundering schemes
Barsukova S.Yu. Russia's Food Security Doctrine: experts' opinion
Melnikov V.V. The content of innovative, scientific and technical state policy with national innovation system creation
Volchik V.V. Evolutionary approach to institutional change analysis
Rackviashvili A.A. The notion of state in economic theory: problem of definition
Mamedov O.Yu. Does the economic practice need the economic theory?
Melnik D.V. I.I. Rubin and the project of Soviet political economy
Rutherford M. Field, undercover, and participant observers in US labor economics: 1900-1930
Makarenko V.P. Politics of nostalgia and personal experience background
Nureev R.M. The command economy at the industrial age
Rozanova N.M. Teaching at the digital generation age: using LMS in educational process
Meinstring J. Attaining success in public lecturing on economics in days of economic crisis