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Nedelin M.D. Prospects for development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of innovation cluster of the Russian economy
Karanashev A.X. Optimization of investment strategies in the market of securities
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Makolova L.V. Ecological preconditions of necessity of restoration and a reuse of the fulfilled autotractor oils
Lebedev A.L. The essence of the innovation capacity of the organization and its evolution
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Ovchinnikova N.G. Forming methods of organizing the use of land resources in the new economic conditions
Khasiyeva T.A. Ways of regulating the regional labor markets (for example, the republics of North Caucasus Federal District)
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Kolomyts O.N. Investment attractiveness of the region as a factor in increasing its competitiveness
Zelimhanova N.Z., Taymaskhanov H.E. Socio-economic factors of stabilization and development of depressed regions
Kuyantseva I.I., Kuyantseva M.I. Measurement of the intellectual capital in the region (As example - Rostov region)
Kostin A. A. Analysis of functional capacity of tools of activation of the process of innovation in the regional economy
Tohchukov R.R. Evaluation of the viability and possibility of forming a business agroklastera in the North Caucasus Federal District
Fedorova N.V. Sustainable development of socio-ecological-economic system of the North Caucasus
Khaustov A.V. Features of the contradictions in the social sphere of the region's technology and their solutions
Aivazov A.L. Improving the use of financial resources in the health system of the Russian Federation subjects
Beriozova Z.K. System Specifications economic space within the inter-regional integration
Bugayan S.A. Problems of increasing the effectiveness of environmental management region
Zotova A.I., Shevchenko D.A. The development of state regulation of financial markets in the context of creating an international financial center in Russia
Volchik V.V. The evolution of world economic mechanism in the context of globalization and institutional change
Kurapov S.S. Peculiarities of internationalization strategy of transnational banks in the conditions of globalization
Karnushin V.E. Reception usufruct in the latest changes in legislation