Mamedov O. Y. There is provincial science — there are provincial scientists! Program notes of editor-in-chief
Alyoshin V.A. About the Faculty
Ovchinnikov V.N. Lessons and Problems of Realization of Strategy of Economic Development of the South of Russia
Zhak S. V. Models of Protectionism
David P.A., Foray D. Economic Fundamentals of Knowledge-based Society
Pyastolov S.M. The educational Phenomenon in Transitive Society
Ketova N.P. Updating Fixed Capital: Analysis and Estimate of Possibilities
Rozmainsky LV. On the General Theory of (Non-)Rationality of Economic Behavior
Latov Y.V. Russia of 1990-s: Underdevelopment Through Decline or Development Through Recession? (reflections of the book «Economic subjects of postSoviet Russia. Institutional analysis*)
Mamedov O.Y. Institutionalism — a priority of secondariness?
Volchik V. V. Institutionalism: The Second Time for New Myth? (Consequences and Boundaries of Institutional Economics)
Kurbatov V.I. Contemporary Western Sociology (analytic portrait)
Rozanova N.M. The Program and studying methodical materials on Industrial Organization
Barsukova A.V. Gubar O.V. Transformation of Property in Modern Russia